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A company without borders

We act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers, and provide a range of value adding services. The goods we trade include raw materials as well as finished products, based mostly on high grade aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and silicon carbide (Sic). Our role as a trading intermediary can take either the form of a principal or an agent. When acting as a principal in a business, we confirm the contract, take the risk and invoice the buyer. When acting as an agent, the supplier invoices the buyer directly.

We are not owned by, nor do we own, any production facility. Every production and refining is done through toll processing, and with selected partner companies only. Our independence ensures that we are objective when matching exact customer needs in terms of quality, specifications, finances and delivery.

However, success in international trading requires far more than a good product or service. Apart from a competitive price you must have knowledge of the market and recognize the mechanism key players use to make their decisions. In short, you must realize the market and act and think according to the business culture of your partners. Issues, we have understood.

If you are interested in a partnership, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!